Compact Disc Harrows

In light and medium soils the Heliodor is suitable for flat stubble cultivation as well as for seedbed preparation. The Heliodor consists of two rows of notched hollow discs, which are very wear resistance due to a diameter of 465 mm and 5 mm thickness. It can be combined with mechanical or pneumatic mounted seed drills via the integrated linkage points or the hydraulic 3 point linkage.

Compact Disc Harrows

The traditional cultivator often reaches the limits of its capabilities and the situation is no different when working on set-aside areas, in laid crop, maize straw or high green manure crops. The Rubin compact disc harrow from LEMKEN guarantees intensive incorporation of soil and plant material even under these difficult conditions and that also applies where working depths are 10 cm or even less.


The new Kristall cultivator combines the proven advantages of a twin-beam cultivator with the added benefits of a cultivator with three or more tine rows. With its new range of Kristall cultivators LEMKEN combines the proven advantages of a twin-beam cultivator with those of a cultivator with three or more beams. Fewer tines, with more efficient shares, produce a mounted implement with low draft requirement for top quality cultivation.


The expectations of stubble cultivation have changed. In the past the stubble cultivation was used with priority for weed control and soil loosening. Today most fields are free of weeds due to the use of herbicides. Therefore only a few weeds germinate. Today volunteer cereals and large quantities of trash are the most important reasons for the stubble cultivation.


The tines of the Karat cultivator are attached to the rame at a medium line distance of approximately 28 centi- metres with working widths of 3 to 7 metres. So an intensive mixing of the soil and straw will be reached. The hollow discs behind the tines mix the straw and the soil once again and level the surface reliably. The following roller achieves the required re consolidation of best quality. The LEMKEN range of rollers offers the optimal follower for each soil condition.


From our long experience with the Terradisc tine and disc cultivator we achieve top quality cultivation with fewer tines and this has resulted for example in the 3 metre version of the Topas 140 being equipped with just 7 tines and producing ideal mixing and tilth. The large clearance between tines considerably reduces trash blockages and enables total subsurfaces soil movement.

Pneumatic Seed Drills

The current situation in crop production requires in agriculture higher efficiency of the machinery applied, universal combination possibilities with other machines and fast and simple transport. The wide range of the Solitair seed drills provides efficient machinery for the seed. The pneumatic seed drills. Solitair 8, 9, 10 and 12 are available in mounted, semimounted or trailed versions. Working widths from 3 to 12 metres are a precondition for an economic use in all sorts of farms. Apart from the combination with different soil cultivation implements the Solitair 8 and 9 can be used solo. The hopper capacity from 1,100 to 5,800 litres provides the optimal performance for each machine.

Following Rollers

The rollers on a soil preparing machine play a varied role in terms of stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation as well as with conventional cultivation methods and mulch seeding. They are used to crumble, reconsolidate and level various soils. LEMKEN offers an extensive roller range with a model to suit every situation. LEMKEN rollers control the equipment precisely at the required depth and are equipped with a reliable support bearing. They are resistant to stones and sticking of soil and they cope with light, medium and heavy soil.